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About Prose

Since the early 1980’s PROSE has been serving the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Steve Walta and Dave Trower founded PROSE on the concept of recycling office systems furniture and both remain active in the business today. These resourceful men, pioneers in the refurbish market, realized the inherent opportunity in reusing the core product of a high quality furniture system as the basic ingredient of a recycled, refurbished value driven systems investment. This process includes stripping and sanding all metal surfaces and applying a new coating of electro static paint, applying new fabric to panels, and either new laminate to existing work surfaces or complete new surfaces.

PROSE facilities are the 50,000 square foot plant in Bonner Springs, Kansas, Kansas City area, shown and an additional 10,000 square feet for inventory storage only. All photographs are in our Bonner Springs plant.

After an order is placed with all paint finish, fabric, and laminate selections the core product is pulled from our extensive inventory. All metal surfaces on panels, pedestals, and overhead storage, are sanded and repainted, new laminates are applied to existing surfaces or new surfaces are made, and panels are reupholstered with new fabrics. The finished like new Steelcase product can be delivered by PROSE and installed by PROSE as an option.

Prose Facility
The PROSE facility in Bonner Springs, Kansas, near Kansas City

Steelcase 9000  Steelcase 9000 Hybrid
Steelcase 9000
Steelcase 9000 Hybrid

The PROSE Showroom